Here are some pictures from the jobs we've completed over the years. We strive to provide quality service and installations every time. Most of the products we supply are backed by multiple year warranty and we take pride in our after sales support.

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Some words from our customers. . .

Lion KingKhun Leo

"With the help of a handful of experts in their field, I built and fitted out Lion King over a four year period, in a boatyard in Ocean Marina, Thailand, and was completed in 2010. During that time the Buzzcats Electrical team helped me to complete electrical designs and to implement some of the most sophisticated systems seen aboard luxury yachts to this day."

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Corky II

"The boys spared no effort to ensure everything worked as expected, from watermaker to washing machine the plumbing and the electrics have been amazingly trouble free, especially when we compare our upkeep costs to other boats here in Darwin's marinas. Parked just a few berths away is another Prout 45 fitted out by Buzzcats Electrical , the owner of which also sings the praises of the fine workmanship of the Buzzcats Electrical team."

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ArchytasLuciano Pantera

"Almost 10 years back I commissioned a 45 foot motor catamaran to be built by Serenity Shipbuilding in Jomtien, Thailand. Serenity commissioned Buzzcats Electrical to design and install the Electrical and Plumbing throughout the boat. Superb work, well thought out and still reliable, I continue to use their services to maintain and update by boat."

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