Import & Export Services

At Buzzcats, we have 9 years of experience in importing / exporting goods into and out of Thailand. During those 9 years, we've learned that it can be an extremely frustrating experience to import or export even the seemingly simplest items. Our company has developed a healthy relationship with, and good understanding of the Thai Customs Authority here in Thailand.

We have extensive experience in importing a wide range of marine related products including but not limited to entire boats, radar systems, VHF radios, etc. If you have recently purchased or are planning to purchase a boat overseas and bring it to Thailand, we can assist you in the importation process in order to give you a hassle free experience.

If you have a boat or piece of equipment that you would like to ship out of Thailand, we can help you on the export side of the customs process. Give us a call or come and see us at Ocean Marina Yacht Club to find out how we can help you.


Khun Run Customs & Immigration 089-014-7107



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